Avadhesh B.

Hello, I am Avadhesh.

I am an India based, seasoned web designer and developer with over 8 years of experience in the field. My expertise lies in creating and maintaining a diverse range of web projects. I've had the privilege of working on projects that demanded proficiency in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Android Java, HTML and of course CSS.

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Throughout my career, I have primarily undertaken independent projects, building each one from the ground up without heavy reliance on external libraries. Here are some notable projects I've worked on.


A social network of lists! Designed and developed a user-friendly, responsive website from scratch, with a robust PHP and MySQL backend.

RDX for Reddit

A reddit PWA that just works. Created a Reddit PWA using pure JavaScript, which gained popularity after Reddit discontinued third-party apps.


India's Premier Service Center Directory! Designed and developed both the frontend and backend of the website while also implementing SEO strategies, resulting in over 100K monthly visits.


RSS Reader and Podcast Player PWA A RSS feeds reader and podcast player that parses the feeds uitlising Github Actions and PHP.


A news portal Android App and Website! Successfully designed and developed a local news website along with a customized Android app equipped with a bespoke CMS. The Android app garnered over 5K downloads and achieved a 4.8-star rating.


Logo generator that works in your browser! Developed a frontend logo generator that requires no backend, built in pure JavaScript and is open source.


Movie quotes presented beautifully! A website collecting quotes from different movies and presenting them in beautiful images. Images that are automatically generated using the magic of Imagemagick and Google fonts. A PHP, Mysql and Javascript affair.


Code snippets, long rants and anything else I come accross in my develipment journey.

Nailing the MediaSession API on iOS

Safari doesn't play well with the MediaSession API, I tried to fix some of it.

Uploading Content to DigitalOcean Spaces Using PHP

Uploading content to Digitalocean Spaces using PHP is pretty simillar to AWS. Here is how to do that.


Let’s discuss your requirements, share any ideas or feedback about my posts or figure out what’s best for your new website together.

Send me an e-mail at ficquotes[@]gmail.com